Kat Maguire - Singer/Songwriter

My professional career began in 1984 as the lead vocalist for Big City, a popular World music band based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Big City drew praise from industry professionals and music critics, (most notably Joel Selvin from the SF Chronicle) This band was my introduction into the World music arena, sparking my interest in rhythms and languages, which I have had the opportunity to explore and develop.
After deciding to leave the band to refine my style, I moved deeper into the world of Polyrhythmic music. My ear for harmony, ability to sing in different languages and styles combined with a commanding stage presence has taken me to many countries touring, recording and composing for over 30 years with several artists from the US, Africa, the UK and the West Indies. (I have listed the languages other than English that I have had the opportunity to sing in)

I am currently a session vocalist and songwriter for producers and artists, and I am launching my own solo career to introduce my songs.  They are a kaleidescope of all my experiences in World music, with lyrics focused on spirituality, inspiration, healing and love. 
They include flavors of Africa, Soul, Folk, Pop, Brazilian and Caribbean Music. 
Languages: Guinea Bissau Kriol, French, Portuguese, English.

Artists I have worked and collaborated with:

Ze Manel (Guinea Bissau, West Africa) live performances, recorded background vocals on 3 of Ze's CD's, performed at the UN building in NYC May 2014. Wrote and recorded two songs in Kriol, one song "Mana" (co-written with Ze) is featured on Karyna Silva Gomes' (Guinea Bissau) debut CD "Mindjer"

Languages: Kriol, Portuguese, French

Samba N'go (Congo) background vocals for live performances. Languages: French, Kikongo, Lingala

Sonny Okosun (Nigeria) background vocals for live performances when he toured the US.  Language: Ibo

Gordon Hunte (UK) co-lead for live performances in London

Russell Cadogan (Trinidad) live performances, recordings, won best band for SF Carnival 2000 performance. Language: Trini patois

Anslem Douglas and Drupatee (Trinidad) Vocalist in the backing band for their US Tour. Language: Trini patois

Geoffrey Omadehbo (Nigeria) co-wrote and recorded a song with him in Ibo and English

Harry Best (St. Lucia) background vocalist for live performances and recording sessions.

Emil Borgir (US) background vocals, co-lead and vocal arrangements for live performances and recordings, co-wrote 2 songs together and produced one of his vocal tracks on his CD "Acoustic Soul"







Video: "Kor di Korson"

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