In my career as a Singer-Songwriter, I have enjoyed performing, recording, touring and collaborating with artists from all over the globe.  In recent years I have been songwriting for other artists, while I work on recording my newest material for my solo CD. 

Check out my Songwriting/Collaboration page where I will be featuring artists that I have worked with in the recording studio, co-written songs with, and those who have recorded my songs.  One recently listed there is Karyna Gomes, a wonderfully talented artist from Guinea Bissau, West Africa. I had written a song called "Mana" (Sister) in collaboration with the great Ze Manel Fortes from that country with whom I have worked with for over 10 years.  Karyna recorded a beautiful version and included it on her debut CD "Mindjer" in 2014. 

I am currently working on some new projects (and possibly some new languages:) and if you are interested in collaborating, click on the "Contact Kat" link to the right, and feel free to connect via Facebook or Twitter.

Until then, keep the love light burning, my friends...

Big hug, Kat:)